Time to start thinking about giving your lawn some TLC.

Things are beginning to warm up, it will still be a while before the soil temperature is warm enough for strong growth, and we will still have a few cold spells yet.

Mow anytime the weather is dry enough, but keep you cutting height high still for a while. Another job you can begin to think about is scarifying or giving the lawn a jolly good rake.

Apart from mowing, scarifying is probably the first job you should be doing in the spring. If you fertilise or top dress or… scarifying might mess up your careful work. So let’s get the scarifying out of the way first.

If you have a really big lawn you may think about renting or buying a scarifier, (around £100 a pop), but a good quality springbok rake, (£10 to £30), and a little time each day for a week or so will save you a trip to the gym and will remove moss, leaves and thatches from your lawn. On top of this, it will remove all those little bits of debris like small twigs and sweet wrappers that may be hiding within you grass.

Seeding, feeding and top dressing can follow straight away to encourage the good grass to fill any gaps and crowd out weeds.

Do let us have your tips in the comments below. 

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