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Why we have chosen to go with Ambrogio?

Why we have chosen to go with Ambrogio?

We had a few things in mind when we were looking for a robot mower brand to get behind, which would be the main brand we would promote and install.

  • Build quality
  • Range
  • Reliability
  • Ease of use
  • A good method to cover all the lawns and prioritise faster-growing areas.

But we also wanted to be able to offer warranty repairs and support right from our workshop and to be able to get hold of spares etc.

In Ambrogio, we found not only outstanding technical design and build quality but great backup and support.

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What is the PROCESS of getting a Robot Mower?

What is the PROCESS of getting a Robot Mower?

  1. Contact us by email or phone (on Te. 03330064332) and let us know that you are considering getting a robot mower.
  2. We will arrange to come over and have a look at your garden and discuss just what you are looking for.
  3. We will put together a recommendation and some prices and you can then think about is this the right option for you?
  4. Once you have placed your order, we will come around and install your robot mower and show you just how to use it.
  5. You have a glass of something and watch your mower getting on with the hard work.
What is this going to cost?

What is this going to cost?

  1. Contacting us – Nothing
  2. Us coming over to have a chat and a look at your lawn – Nothing.
  3. There will then be a cost for the robot mower, installation of the guide wire and the charging station, and then any extras that you want, like the pet protection AMICO module. But we will give you a detailed estimate for all of this.

The only cost you have at the moment is the time you would give to meeting with us and to chatting over what you are looking for.

Example pricing.

Let us put together an example for a large garden.

Twenty-25 Elite A great robot for up to 1800m²£1,949.00
AMICO pet safe for your dog£23.16
Professional installation by us of your boundary wire and charging station. £399.00
Total £2,371.16

You will also be responsible for providing an outdoors suitable 13A socket within 10m of the location of your robot mower’s charging port. You may want to get an electrician to do this for you.

What size garden can you manage with an Ambrogio mower?

What size garden can you manage with an Ambrogio mower?

The limit to the size of garden you can tend with an Ambrogio robot mower is really down to your imagination… well, and bank balance.


Our mowers start at the Twenty Delux, which is rated for a garden up to 700m², but Ambrogio suggests allowing a little allowance for battery deterioration over time, so let us say up to 650m² (7,000ft²), or 25m by 25m, (25 yards by 25yards).


And with the Ambrogio L400i Deluxe, we can go up to a whopping 20,000m² using a single robot. That is 215,278ft2²(square foot) or 23,919yd² (square yard) or nearly 5 acres. If I have this right, that is about two football pitches. Again a little allowance should be made for battery deterioration with time.

Then we can just add more mowers.

And, of course, we could fit more than one mower. In fact, for some large gardens with a number of lawns rather than one big area of grass, it may be better to fit more than one robot mower.

What about uneven lawns or lawns that are on a slope?

What about uneven lawns or lawns that are on a slope?

If you think that robot mowers are only useful on flat lawns, let me assure you that the Ambrogio range has some pretty capable mowers.

Most of Ambrogio’s mower will handle quite steep slopes up to around 45% or 24°, which is 1 in 2.2 in old money.

But the Ambrogio QUAD Elite can manage slots of up to 75% or 36°, which is 1 in 1.3 in old money.

Ambrogio QUAD Elite.

Dedicated to lawns with slopes up to 75%. Thanks to its 4 driving, and electric-steering wheels, the robot can handle extreme slopes and steep bumps. The individual traction wheel motors allow it to turn and operate in any direction with no need for risky manoeuvres on slopes.

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What are other people saying?

Should you consider the Ambrogio as the new addition to your grass-cutting robot family? – Absolutely.

Rebecca McCusker –

I’ll be completely honest I run a company — AutoMowIt that installs these robot mowers, but only because of how pleased I’ve been with mine, an L250 Elite S+, I’ve had it two years now and it’s effortlessly maintaining my acre lawn area.

My neighbours got one, my bro in law, for everyone I fit I always end up fitting more because they are brilliant, and the suppprtfrom Ambrogio UK is excellent.

Tyler Stevenson

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