Ride-On mowers

We do not service or repair any electrical machines.

If your machine is not running or is running poorly it may need to be booked in as a repair before we service it.

If the machine is deemed dangerous, for example, a hole in the chassis, this will need making safe before we can return your mower or if the machine is to be returned without repair, it will have its sparkplug or blade removed to leave it not running.

Any machine left for more than two weeks after the work has been completed will be considered abandoned, and disposed of.

Ride-On Mowers come in a wide range of sizes and models and are therefore not easy to give a fixed price.

A full service starts from £155 including a change of engine oil and new air, oil and fuel filters.

If you want an estimate for your mower, let us have its make and full model details along with the year of purchase. Alternatively, drop it in and we can ring you with a price after we have assessed the work involved in servicing that particular machine.


If you are unable to drop your ride-on off at our workshop, we can collect small ride-on mowers. We charge £2.50/mile to collect and the same to return.