Mower Problems

Dirty or clogged air filter.

One of the most overlooked items of lawnmower maintenance is changing the air filter. People will often change or at least top up their engine oil, they may even oil a sticky cable or grease a stiff wheel,  but they neglect toContinue reading

Your deck is damaged or rusted out.

If you have a rusty deck you’ve lost most of the support for your engine and blade, and you’re running the risk of the blades breaking and flying off while you’re mowing. If it is just the edge of the deck, this is still serious as it could letContinue reading

You hear a knocking sound.

“If your engine is knockin’ you better be shoppin’”

If there is a knocking in your engine it is often the result of a bent crankshaft or a broken or bent rod. This can be a terribly expensive lawn mower repair and most of the time you’re better off looking for a new mower. It is possible that we couldContinue reading