Lawn Tips for Winter


Hay, it may be winter, but our lawns still need a little TLC.

Worm Casts can be castoff.

Worms are great for the soil and we need them under the lawn. But this time of year they often leave worm casts on the lawn. If you have a week that is just right for worms and for casting…. your lawn can quickly look a disaster area! DON’T PANIC! All you need to do isContinue reading

Be a good neighbour.

So, your lawn is all fit and well looked after. Do you have a neighbour who is less able to look after their lawn? If you don’t have any more to do to your lawn this week how about offering a helping hand to your neighbour?

Hey, while you are staying off your lawn, now would be a great time toContinue reading

Your lawn needs light and air.

As the snow clears from your lawn keep an eye open for a build-up of rotting leaves, branches, and other winter debris?

Your lawn needs light and air, even in the winter. So, keep it free from anything that could shade the grass. A leaf blower is a great way toContinue reading


The last two weeks we have talked about things on or over your lawn that should not be there… there is one more thing that should not be on your lawn at this time of year… You!

If possible stay off your lawn. Though grass is pretty tuff, (and indestructible in the flower bed where you don’t want it), wet, frosty, or snowy lawns can suffer if walked on.Continue reading

Let there be light… on your lawn.

Last week we spoke about how objects on the lawn, like leaves or children’s toys, can stop the light from getting to the grass.

Plants shading your lawn can also take the light away from your lawn. This can stop a good flow of air, and encourage moss growth or disease.Continue reading

Ice and Frost.

It looks like there could be a ground frost soon. Love your lawn and keep off the grass, if you can, while it has frost on it.

Winter is a great time to have your mower serviced. Give us a call on 0333 006 4332 to book your service.

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