Lawn Tips for Spring


Summer is on its way but there is work to be done now.

Here’s How To Give Your Lawnmower A Long Life.

If you spend just a little time on your mower each time you use it and a little more time before you put it away for the winter, there is no reason why a lawnmower should not last you for many years. Some people talk about a well looked after mower lasting up to 15 years, but we have seen some much older.

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5 Signs it’s Time to Retire Your Lawnmower.

Spring is here and you have given your lawn a cut or two, but your mower is not behaving like it used to.

Hmmm… Is this something you can fix? Do you go out an buy a new mower or take it to a service centre like us here are MAD Mowers to have is give it the once over?

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Nothing lasts forever.

What a wonderful week we have had. Many of you will be getting your mower out for the first time this year. Remember, nowadays, petrol is only fresh for about 30 days, so if you have left your Continue reading