Don’t let “rain stop play!”

There has not been much mowing recently due to the long dry spell, but I guess not many of you are out today mowing either due to the rain and the fact that many mowers will not let you mow when it is wet.

Perhaps on a more practical level. If you need to get your mowing done early in the morning before your customers arrive, you may find your grass is just too wet to mow, but not with the Ventrac.

The Ventrac does not make you hide in your potting shed just because the weather is a little against you. On the contrary, with the Ventrac, the very low ground pressure, the swivel-steer rather than conventional steering protecting your lawn from scuffing, and the powerful engine, you can mow even delicate lawns in wet conditions and rougher places even with a few inches of standing water.

Ventrac in water
Mowing in water
Ventrac on wet slope
Ventrac on a wet slope.

Even on wet steep slopes, the Ventrac can keep going when many other machines would have to be idle, waiting for the conditions to dry.