Worn-out mower blades

What did one mower blade say to the other mower blade?

Almost as old as the knock-knock joke must be the “what did the… say” joke. But this is not really a laughing matter. By the way, the answer to the riddle above, “What did one mower blade say to the other mower blade?” is… “I’m worn out!” Normally a mower blade suffers wear and tear […]

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Warn mower blade

Is your mower not cutting very well?

Are you worn out? What about your blade? Many people do not notice the slow drop in performance that a blade that is gradually becoming blunt makes. Now, however, they are struggling with a mower that sounds like it is fine, but it just is not fun to use, or now mowing the lawn is […]

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Chainsaw with blocked Air Filter

Firewood, Chainsaw wouldn’t!

It is very easy to take your tools for granted. “It ran the last time I used it; I put it away, and now… “ This is a story that we hear time and time again. And now, they need it TODAY! In this case, it was an air filter that had become blocked. This […]

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Dirty or clogged air filter.

One of the most overlooked items of lawnmower maintenance is changing the air filter. People will often change or at least top up their engine oil, they may even oil a sticky cable or grease a stiff wheel,  but they neglect to clean or change their air filter. 

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Rusty deck.

Your deck is damaged or rusted out.

If you have a rusty deck, you’ve lost most of the support for your engine and blade, and you’re running the risk of the blades breaking and flying off while you’re mowing. If it is just the edge of the deck, this is still serious as it could let stones or other objects that you […]

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pouring oil

You’re using too much oil.

Using too much oil usually goes along with smoke coming out of the exhaust. If you are using too much oil, the oil has to go somewhere, and it’s usually into the cylinder. But if you keep needing to add oil to your machine and it is not smoking, the oil could be leaking out […]

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