Don’t let “rain stop play!”

There has not been much mowing recently due to the long dry spell, but I guess not many of you are out today mowing either due to the rain and the fact that many mowers will not let you mow when it is wet. Perhaps on a more practical level. If you need to get […]

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Worn-out mower blades

What did one mower blade say to the other mower blade?

Almost as old as the knock-knock joke must be the “what did the… say” joke. But this is not really a laughing matter. By the way, the answer to the riddle above, “What did one mower blade say to the other mower blade?” is… “I’m worn out!” Normally a mower blade suffers wear and tear […]

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Ventrack tractor

The Ground Care beasts come to MAD Mowers!

MAD Mowers is now able to offer the Ventrac range of ground care equipment. The Ventrac tractor is unmatched in its class, and it only takes one test drive to realise this. All-wheel drive, an articulating chassis, and a strong engine are combined in a unique design to give you unparalleled stability and control for […]

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Warn mower blade

Is your mower not cutting very well?

Are you worn out? What about your blade? Many people do not notice the slow drop in performance that a blade that is gradually becoming blunt makes. Now, however, they are struggling with a mower that sounds like it is fine, but it just is not fun to use, or now mowing the lawn is […]

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