Your Engine is vibrating too much.

If your mower is beginning to vibrate a lot more than it used to, or if you are beginning to feel worried about how much it is shaking, you probably have a problem you should address.

A vibrating engine could be the sign you have a bent crankshaft or broken/bent rod. One of the main causes of a vibrating engine is poor or old engine oil or running your mower out of oil. Make sure you always check your oil level every time you use your mower.

If your oil is looking black or thick, or if you have not changed your oil for about a year, you should empty out your old oil and refill with fresh oil. If you do not want to get involved with this job, we change your oil as part of our service. Contact us to book your mower in for a service.

Or you might have an out of balance blade. If you bend or break a bit off your mower’s blade it will be out of balance and can be very dangerous. After each mow, you should clean the underside of your mower. As you clean it, just look at your blade, Does it look the same both ends? Are there any chips in the edges of the blade? We can fit a new blade if yours is damaged. 


While you are looking at your blade, is it sharp? It does not need to be as sharp as your kitchen knives, but one edge should be sharper than the other. We can sharpen your blade for you or if you have not had your mower serviced recently, why not book it in for a service and we will sharpen your blade as part of the service. 

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