Worm Casts can be castoff.

Worms are great for the soil and we need them under the lawn. But this time of year they often leave worm casts on the lawn. If you have a week that is just right for worms and for casting…. your lawn can quickly look a disaster area! DON’T PANIC! All you need to do is let them dry a little and then effectively spread them all over the lawn. The ideal tool for this is a Besom, (or as you might think of it, a witch’s broom). No, don’t try flying with it, just choose a nice dry day and lightly sweep the lawn. The worm cast will break up and end up just like a top dressing for the lawn. If you don’t have a besom, you could try a springbok rake or a very light touch with an ordinary broom.

Mole activity can also increase in Jan/Feb — remove the mounds of earth and plan to over-seed in spring.

Hey, while you are staying off your lawn, now would be a great time to get your mower serviced… I know a GREAT family run, local, business that is offering a fantastic price for a full mower service. Give us a call and we’ll get it sorted. Tel. 0333 006 4332.

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